Top 5 reasons Your Company Needs Social Media

Social Media can be a huge asset in bringing in business and or clientele for a company. In this day and age social media is becoming one of the leading ways to communicate with the public, world, and consumers. More and More businesses are beginning to take to social media to get their products and or services out to the public. Social Media and Public Relations now go hand in hand and can positively affect business tremendously. You may ask yourself what can PR and social media do for your company and why do you even need these tools in the first place?

  1. Larger Reach:

With multiple social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter your company can reach more people than without these platforms. With social media it allows you to gain followers from numerous sources and allows for people to promote your social media when they do business with you allowing you to have access to people who you might not have otherwise. However it is important to first determine which social media networks would be most worth while for your time and company. Determine which platforms are most used by the type of clients that you are seeking.

2. Transform your brand:

In using social media you can transform your brand and how your consumers view it. Social Media allows you to only put out what you want the public to know about you. Along with this with most social media sites there are different settings that allow you to filter your content and who is allowed to reply, post, and even certain words or photos that are posted in association with your brand or company. This allows you to control the image that is associated with your brand.

3. Analytics:

Social Media allows for a whole new look at analytics for your company. With social media you can use analytics to track what products or services are being talked about the most. You can track what is the most popular and what is not doing so hot. With sites such as twitter you are able to track hashtags, impressions, mentions, and many other different key elements that help you track your business and how well you are doing. You can keep up with who is saying what about your business.

4. Engage with consumers:

Most social media sites allow you to interact consistently and rapidly with others. You are able to engage with your consumers immediately and respond to their requests, questions, and comments. With social media you are able to directly engage with your consumers and get feedback on how your business is doing. You can engage in back and forth conversations with consumers. This allows for improvements on your end if consumers have concerns about different products or services that you offer. Engaging with consumers is something that you might not easily have without social media.

5. Keep current:

With social media everything is constantly changing and becoming more efficient and new. If your company has social media accounts it allows for your business to keep up to date and “with the times” by tracking trends through social media. The hottest trends are usually hitting social media sites first. This way if your business has social media it allows for you to stay current and on the ball with your consumers wants and needs.


Image From Marketing Land

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