Instagram: May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

Instagram is one of the largest and most popular social networks right now. While it can appeal to a somewhat younger crowd it is also a very good tool for businesses to promote themselves and bring in business. Instagram is a platform that allows users to upload photos and videos along with captions underneath. Users have followers who are able to comment on these photos and videos and open up a dialogue with whomever made the post. Filters are also able to be applied to photos and videos to give these images a different look. How can all of this be useful to businesses and companies who are in need of promoting or reaching their consumers and clientele.


Instagram reaches many different people from around the world and millions of people have Instagram accounts. This means that the opportunities for exposure are amazing. Users have many different settings as well as other tools that can allow them to reach numerous people. The first step is to make sure that your account settings are not private. This allows for your posts to be seen by any and everyone allowing for a larger scope of people reached. When your account is not private and visible to everyone you can use hashtags under your post that will allow your post to pop up under searches for that specific hashtag. This gives people the opportunity to view your account who might not have otherwise seen it. Instagram also has something called an explore page. This is a page that shows users photos and videos that might be of interest to them that are being posted by people that they do not follow. By using multiple hashtags it gives your account a better chance of showing up on multiple people’s explore pages, drawing them to your page. All of these are ways to bring in business and increase your followers.


With Instagram timing is almost everything. By this I mean that the times that you post your content can be crucial. This is where analytics can come in to play. It is important for your business to know what type of people you are trying to target and the peak times that they are on Instagram. This can help you decide when to post your content to gain ultimate and prime exposure. By posting at peak times you can increase traffic to your page as well as increase comments, likes, and followers. This being said you don’t want to over post and have it backfire. Be sure to post just the right amount, where you post enough to stay on people’s radar but not too much to where they feel annoyed and overwhelmed when seeing your posts.


When posting on Instagram you have to make sure your content is worthwhile. This can include photos, videos, and captions. Along with timing you have to make sure that what you post is being marketed to who you are trying to reach. Be sure to post photos and videos that grab attention and are important to your business. With captions you can tell your viewers and followers what it is you want them to know about this particular post, or you can just put something catchy to get their attention. This can generate followers by getting people interested in your posts and wanting to see more. When people like what they see and want to see more of what you post they are more likely to click the follow button.

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One thought on “Instagram: May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

  1. soccerisawesomeweb says:

    I found your blog on Instagram to be interesting, and I learned some valuable information as well. That’s coming from a person who doesn’t use Instagram and I have my reasons for that. I also agree with what you said about posting the ‘right amount’. I also think too if someone post stuff to peak the interest of potential employers for example, that could work out for the person. At least if that was the intent of the specific post the person was posting. I know someone who post way too much on one of the social media platforms, and I have to admit with a lot of the stuff this person post makes me not want to follow this person let alone have any interaction on social media. I also like how you divided your blog into different categories and how each category can play to a persons strengths when they use Instagram to market themselves.


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