SoMe Model For Social Communication

The SoMe model for communication is an organizational social strategy for social media planning. Social media planning is very important when organizing social strategies. The SoMe model consists of four components which are share, optimize, manage, and engage. In order for companies to maximize their online presence and social media presence it is important for them to know what they are doing on these different social channels. Each part is important in maximizing the success of social communication.


  • Social networks help people connect with others who share similar interests, passions, and beliefs
  • Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. are used to share content with users and consumers
  • Trust built within these networking sites allows for certain users to become consumer influencers
  • Consumer influencers help your company gain consumers


  • The key to optimization of an organizations message is to listen to what is being said and learn from the conversations being shared
  • Tools such as social mention allow organizations to track and measure in real time
  • Being informed about what is being said about your organization and on what social networks the conversations are taking place on makes it easier to participate in authentic exchanges between your consumers


  • Conversations happening on social media happen very quickly
  • This causes consumers to come to expect quick responses form public relations practitioners
  • The term attention dashboard came about in 2008 it is a tool that pulls content from various sources across multiple networks into one place so that they are easier to monitor and manage
  • Now this term is known as social media dashboards, such as tweetdeck and hootsuite
  • These tools help a company stay current with conversations and respond to consumers in real time


  • Engaging is the most critical component of a social strategy
  • Choosing which social networks are the most useful for your brand is importantI
  • If your consumers are not on Instagram then it might not be worth while for your company to have an Instagram
  • Where you engage matters
  • Social audits are great for establishing what social networks may be the most useful and beneficial for your company and brand

Although social media is generally behind a computer or phone screen most of the time there is an actual human behind what is being said. This is something that companies must understand in order to provide good feedback for their consumers. These people are giving real time thoughts, views, and opinions and it is great for companies to be able to give feedback. The key to giving good feedback is to pay attention to what consumers are saying and to listen and engage authentically rather than just sounding like an automated response.

Information Source: Social Media: How to Engage, Share, and Connect, 2nd Edition By Regina Luttrell

Image Source: Gina Luttrell

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