Key Elements of Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the newer social media sensations. It is a social media network that is becoming more appealing to the younger generations. Why is snapchat so popular with young people? How can snapchat be beneficial to your brand and your company? Snapchat may not be for everyone but when used correctly it can be seen as a great marketing tool for different businesses. Snapchat can be confusing at first especially if you do not know how to use it but once you get the hang of it then it becomes pretty simple. With the many different filters and geotags it can become good for businesses marketing to younger audiences.

Why is snapchat so popular with younger people?

  • It is quick to use and allows for quick photos to be snapped and seen by the users followers
  • The photos and videos only last for 24 hours when posted to the users story
  • It allows for users to send private messages, photos, and videos to their friends
  • It’s fast paced and in real time and can be updated anywhere and anytime
  • Users can pick and choose who’s snaps they want to watch
  • Users can choose when to watch users snaps

How can Snapchat be beneficial to your brand and your company?

If you are a company who wants to target and market to a younger audience snapchat is possibly a great way to go. Snapchat allows for companies to create filters that will be able to be used by snapchat users for a set amount of time. Filters or lenses can include changing facial features, using different colors, and having company logos as part of the lens. Lenses or filters are great for getting exposure out for companies because it can be seen by everyone with snapchat accounts.

Examples are when gatorade made a lens that poured a container of gatorade over the users head and had the gatorade logo at the bottom of the screen, taco bell also had a popular lens where they turned people’s heads and or faces into tacos.

Not only are lenses a great way to promote but also companies can create their own snapchat accounts and post updated snaps of different events or promotions that are happening as they are going on. Since posts only last 24 hours this a great way to keep content fresh and have a more personal connection with your companies consumers.

Like other social media networks, snapchat may not always be the best network or platform for your business, only you can determine that by assessing the audience you are trying to reach. However snapchat is something that is quick and easy to use to keep your consumers in the loop and visually engaged in your promotions and content.

Image: Softpedia News

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