Top 5 things they DON’T tell you about being pregnant

I spent the majority of this past year pregnant (I delivered in October 2018) and discovered many new things about my body that I never knew could happen, as well as the classic pregnancy symptoms everyone loves to hate. Among these learning moments I also found out a few things about being pregnant that I never knew came along with the joy of growing new life inside me.

Number 1: Boogers!!!! EWWWWW

When I became pregnant I quickly found out that my body was no longer the body I knew it to be. It was changing in so many ways and one of those was an increase in mucous in my nose. All of a sudden when I would sneeze a huge booger or glob of snot would shoot out. According to an abundance of boogers and mucous is normal during pregnancy and is caused by the increase in blood flow.

Number 2: Discharge

Being a woman a normal amount of discharge is healthy and to be expected. However when pregnant discharge becomes excessive. Be sure to have some extra panties on hand at all times because it can get messy. Not to mention sometimes “pregnant” vaginal discharge can have an odor. So don’t be alarmed if you have to take a couple extra showers or change your underwear a few times throughout the day. Although if this discharge is concerning definitely bring it up to your doctor to make sure there is nothing else going on.

Number 3: Insomnia

Most people think when you’re pregnant you’re super tired and want to sleep all the time. While this is very true it is also true that insomnia is just as common. In fact I think during the last week of my pregnancy I slept a combined total of 12 hours (the fact that I was huge and extremely uncomfortable in all positions probably played a part in this as well). When I mentioned this insomnia issue to my doctor she mentioned that this was perfectly normal especially during the third trimester. Not sleeping can be difficult but resting is very important during pregnancy so try to find ways to help yourself relax so that you can sleep. Trust me you’re going to need it during those first few weeks after baby gets here.

Number 4: Heart fluttering or palpitations

This was a major thing for me starting in my second trimester until delivery. I would constantly get this flutter sensation in my heart as if my heart was skipping a beat or double beating. The first time I experienced this I thought I was having a heart attack. I brought this up with my doctor at my prenatal visit and she advised me that this was common. My doctor stated that this was happening because I had an increase in blood flow and my heart was having to work a little harder to pump it all.

Number 5: OB appointments aren’t very exciting

When finding out I was pregnant I was super excited to go to my OB/GYN for the first visit. Mainly because I knew I would get an ultrasound to see my little man for the first time as well as hear his heartbeat for the first time. While this first appointment was super exciting, most of the appointments to follow weren’t all that fun. Going in I knew what to expect from my first appointment, but what about the second or third? Well most of your OB appointments will consist of them measuring your belly, checking baby’s heart, and asking how you have been feeling. While all of these factors are important to make sure your pregnancy is going smoothly these appointments tend to be quick and pretty boring. Outside of the few ultrasound appointments and appointments requiring the routine tests for pregnant women don’t expect too much from your MANY visits with your OB. P.S. I also wasn’t aware you only get 2 ultrasounds throughout your entire pregnancy.

These are the top 5 things that I wish I knew going into pregnancy, so I hope they are helpful to you.

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