Self Love: You Owe it to Yourself

Growing up I was always the super skinny one. Everywhere I went people would always say, “you are so skinny”. Naturally I grew accustom to this and embraced my “skinniness”. I took pleasure in eating any and every thing that I wanted without gaining a single pound. I wore tight clothes and crop tops every where I went and felt no shame in regards to my body or weight. As I grew older I slowly began to put on weight, a friend of mine would call it “woman weight”. I was growing into a woman and no longer had the body of a young girl. In the beginning this was no issue, in fact I even liked the extra couple of pounds they gave me some great curves. Over time I gained even more weight, now for you to fully understand what I mean by all of this you must know that when I was 18,19,20 I only weighed about 108lbs at 5ft 4in. I was a stick at that point, however that is what I was used to. Going from 108lbs to 140lbs is a HUGE difference and I definitely struggled with the transition. I very soon began to see myself as fat, which was far from true because in actuality I was now just about normal weight for my height. Then I had my son, which everyone knows comes with weight gain. After having my son I gained an additional 10-15lbs. I began to look in the mirror and hate the reflection. I saw myself as fat, disgusting, no longer pretty or attractive. The sad thing is that most women look in the mirror everyday and feel the same exact way. It took me a while to look at my body and appreciate it for everything it went through. I mean it did grow a whole human for 9 months. I had to relearn how to not only love my body again but love myself. Whether you have had a baby or not as women we are constantly looked at for just how we look. We are put under a microscope and expected to look a certain way in which others consider to be attractive. It is important as a woman to understand that we all come in different shapes and sizes and no size is more beautiful than another. Loving yourself is the first step to true happiness in life.

2 thoughts on “Self Love: You Owe it to Yourself

  1. Debbie Jo says:

    Loving yourself no matter how you look, this can be challenging especially as you said how you had to transition from going from teenager to woman, to mother…One begins to realize that the body is merely the surface, that there is a whole lot to love within. How are you going with loving yourself these days?


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