Top 5 baby registry must haves

If it is your first time expecting then you probably don’t know a lot about what to expect when having a baby. This can often make creating your registry difficult. You walk into a store full of baby items and think to yourself “I don’t even know where to start”. Amazon has a great registry option and is a great place to build a registry. Well, here is my list of the top 5 baby products that I feel will be most needed and most used when baby arrives. Just a few things to get your list started.

Number 1 – Boppy

For those who don’t know a boppy is a round pillow used to prop your baby up often used when breastfeeding. Although this pillow is often used for breastfeeding mamas it can also be used as a soft chair for your newborn. I found the boppy a great place to allow my little one to relax in between naps.

Number 2- Sound spa

This was a lifesaver on many occasions. I definitely recommend adding a sound spa to your registry. A sound spa plays music to soothe your baby. It also helps put your baby to sleep. After giving your baby a bath and a nice warm bottle turn on the sound spa and your baby will be so relaxed they will drift to sleep. This also helps when you are trying to get things done around the house and your baby is fussing.

Number 3- Humidifier

A humidifier is a classic baby item that has been used for quite some time now. It adds humidity to the air for your baby which can be especially helpful for congestion. The moister also helps with dry skin. Having a humidifier in your baby’s room is definitely a must have.

Number 4- Baby carrier

This item is also a lifesaver. A baby carrier is great for outings such as the store, the mall, walks, and pretty much anywhere you can think of. A baby carrier also helps around the house when your baby is having one of those moments where they just want to be held or be close to you. The baby carrier allows you to carry your baby hands free! This allows you to take care of any necessary housework that needs to be done. Yay for multitasking!

Number 5- Nose frida

Now the nose frida at first glance can seem pretty disgusting. Essentially it is a device that allows you to use your mouth to suck up snot from your congested baby’s nose. I know right, sounds pretty gross. That is the same thing that I thought when reading the description on the box, however this little device came in handy. Normal aspirators are sometimes pretty difficult to use and don’t always give a ton of suction power. With the nose frida you can use your mouth to clear out your baby’s nose in seconds. The device is designed to no snot or boogers actually make it up to your mouth, so it actually isn’t as disgusting as it sounds and it works magic.

There you have it, my top picks for your registry. All of these earned a spot on this list because they have been tried and worked wonders with my little one. A lot of new baby items are unnecessary and you don’t even end up using them. I figure it is best to know what is actually practical and will be used often.

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