Top Pregnancy Tracker Apps

If you’re like me, when you found out you were pregnant you were super anxious and excited to learn about what was going on with the new life growing inside of you. Being a first time mom is especially exciting and you want to learn as much as you can about your new addition. I instantly started googling all things pregnancy and all things baby. Another thing I did was download as many pregnancy tracker apps that I could find. I figured I would download them all and then see which ones I liked the best. After using the apps for a week or so I narrowed it down to my favorites. The apps that I felt gave me the most information and were the most helpful. Here is a list of my favorite pregnancy tracker apps.

What to expect when you’re expecting:

This app was definitely one of my favorite apps for many reasons. This app allows you to input your estimated due date and customize the information provided specifically for your pregnancy timeline. The app provides you with how far along you are in weeks everyday as well as the size of your baby that week in terms of fruit. I thought this was awesome because it gave me some sort of insight into how big my baby was. This app also tells you what baby is up to each week and what is starting to develop with your baby. The app also has a short video for each week of pregnancy that describes the changes your baby is going to go through during that week of your pregnancy.


Sprout stuck out to me simply because of the graphics on the app. This app by far had the best graphics as far as showing your baby in utero. The app opens up to a 3D image of a baby inside of a womb. You can rotate the image with your fingers to show different angles of the baby and it has different points on the baby you can tap to find out what is going on with your baby at that stage. This app has great features as well, it allows you to keep track of all of your OB appointments and gives you checklists for items you will need during your hospital stay. This app also gives you a week by week update on what baby is up to inside of your belly.

Baby center:

This app was more geared towards providing information on your pregnancy. The Baby center app provided updates on the size of your baby each week and had different blogs and videos from other moms on various topics about pregnancy and child birth. I liked this app because it provided helpful information on what to expect during labor and delivery. The app also allows you to continue to get updates after your baby is born! Which is awesome because it can give you helpful tips on how to tackle difficult milestones when raising a baby.

Glow Nurture:

Before I became pregnant I used the glow app to track my period each month. I loved the app because it showed when my period was to be expected as well as my most fertile days during each month. This app also has a specific app for when you are expecting. The app provides a community for other women who are expecting and allows you to participate in discussions and share stories with other women and get advice from each other. This was one of the main reasons I enjoyed this app. The app also shows pictures of the baby through each stage of pregnancy which was also kind of cool. The app allows you to track your pregnancy symptoms as well which is super helpful when it’s time to go visit your OB.

Well there you have it, my list of the best pregnancy tracker apps. I hope these are helpful in choosing the one you like best!

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