C-section: What They Don’t Tell You

When I first found out I was expecting one of the first most natural thoughts I had was how is this big baby going to get out of my body! I was nervous because I automatically assumed I would have a vaginal delivery and knew I was in for a lot of pain. It never occurred to me that I might end up delivering the other way aka a c-section. C-sections were super foreign to me I didn’t know many people who had them and no one really ever talked about them and what happens before,during, and after one. In my case my c-section wasn’t planned it was an emergency to save mine and my baby’s life. It wasn’t what I wanted but it was the first decision of many that I had to make for the best interest of my baby. There were many things about a c-section that I have since learned and I wanted to share a few things to expect in case you are in the same position.

The shakes: When you go to the operating room it is likely you will be overcome with terrible shaking. This is probably the worst part of the actual procedure simply because it is pretty annoying. You shake uncontrollably and nothing stops it until it wears off. According to my nurses this was a normal reaction to the epidural and numbing medications they use so you don’t feel yourself being cut open.

You get to take one person in with you: you are allowed to bring someone back with you. This allows for some comfort and stress relief. I recommend bringing whoever you feel most comfortable with.

You can’t feel anything: for those who are freaked out by the fact you are awake the entire time, don’t worry. They numb you up really well and you don’t feel a thing. In fact you can almost relax besides the exiting fact you are about to meet your new little human at any minute.

Recovery is brutal: I’m just going to be honest on this one, the recovery from a c-section is rough. Everything is going to be painful for the first week or two. It’s bed to have lots of help for the first few weeks because even simple tasks like changing diapers will be difficult and painful. However once you heal it will be back to business as usual.

Constipation: this is something people probably won’t want to talk about but it is very real. After you have a c-section its likely you will be extremely constipated in the weeks to come. Be sure to ask your doctor for stool softeners because you will definitely need them.

These are just a few things you can expect from your c-section although there are many other things that come along with the procedure. It’s best to always remember it doesn’t matter how you deliver you are still a warrior mom and you still brought life into this world.

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